Aquacranial® Therapy, developed by Rebecca Goff, uses cranio sacral techniques which are expanded by being in the water. The water provides a low gravity environment which allows greater relaxation and depth of healing while aligning the cranio sacral system. Using the water and its rhythms allows the therapist ease and diversity of movement and in turn allows the recipient of the Aquacranial® treatment the opportunity to release and unwind physical, mental and emotional trauma. The unwinding allows the body's nervous system to reorganize in a balanced, healthful and uplifting way.

Aquacranial® Therapy is also a wonderful pre-natal treatment and provides a way for expecting mothers to relax, align the body and mind to prepare for the upcoming birth, alleviate fears surrounding birth and connect with the unborn child energetically.

Aquacranial® Therapy is an effective treatment for babies born with birth traumas as well as children dealing with emotional, mental, or physical challenges such as ADD or ADHD.

One Aquacranial® treatment is considered to be as effective as three table treatments and provides benefits only possible in water.

Ashley has trained in Bimini while swimming with dolphins She has been with dolphins on Maui as well as trained in deep water Aquacranial® treatments on Maui.

John has also volunteered, and participated in Aquacranial®,Aquacranial® training, clinics and deep water training.

We are available for Aquacranial® treatments in Hāna, as well as pre-scheduled boat tours on the South and West sides of Maui. (Weather permitting, Scheduling permitting)

Hāna Aquacranial® Clinic - February 11, 2012