The Ocean's Healing Rhythm

Ashley Keegan with Rebecca Goff treating two expecting mothers

The morning sun is peaking through the clouds over Kaʻuiki Hill at Kapueokahi Bay (Hāna Bay). The waves are barely a ripple, the bay shimmering with the changing light. We pray for the clouds to release the sun as we immerse ourselves in the Pacific, relieved about the freedom of movement and grateful for the opportunity to release, cleanse, and connect to Source through the ocean's embrace. I assist my partner as she lies back, floating on the surface, relaxing, trusting my assistance and the ocean's gentle support. The waves' consistent ebb and flow and the salt water's buoyancy combine to envelop her body, mind and spirit, so that she can feel removed from the material world and connect to her higher Self. We glide just past the wave break while the motion of the water allows the body to feel the gentle traction the constant wave action supplies. The water's rhythm reminds the body of its own natural balance as my hands softly coax the fascia, joints, and bones to find their natural center, to remember their original state. As the body unwinds and the cranial bones, spine, and sacrum de-compress and become balanced, the tension and pain from physical and emotional traumas and stored emotions gracefully leave the body.

This dance in the water is unique in that the ease of motion and the freedom to utilize the force of the ocean creates a gentle form of healing that some say is life altering. Aquacranial® Therapy was developed by Rebecca Goff, author of Kissing Whales, Healing Dolphins. After years of study and treatment of the cranio sacral system and with inspiration from swimming and communicating with dolphins and whales, Goff realized that the combination of the anti-gravity effects of the water, along with the knowledgeable hands of the therapist and the assistance of the cetaceans—who provide their sonar, song, and vibration—offers healing on the deepest levels. The cranio sacral system encompasses the nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), cranial bones, spine, spinal cord, and sacrum. CSF is formed in the brain. It bathes the brain to keep it suspended and it assists the nervous system in the communication process. The cranial bones and sacrum work together in a hydraulic action to help maintain production and movement of CSF. It has been likened to the ocean in the body in that it has a natural ebb and flow. When the body, cranial bones, and spine are not working together whether through tension, trauma, or dis-ease, CSF cannot move freely in its natural rhythm, thereby allowing dysfunction in the nervous system.

Seventy per cent of the body is water. We are held in water during gestation. We, naturally, return to the water for healing. While many people have been transformed through their experiences with Aquacranial® Therapy, some of the most amazing experiences come from watching infants become blissful, witnessing dramatic changes in children with birth traumas, ADD, ADHD and autism, and listening to pregnant mothers describe the connection they felt with their unborn babies. Goff, with assistance from her trainees, has provided thousands of hours of free treatments to many children all over the world. The goal is to continue to provide this service through further training and teacher training. In Hāna, free clinics for children will be scheduled monthly.

Ashley Keegan, October 2011

Hānaside News Winter 2012 Edition 14th Issue (page22 reprinted with corrections)